Ava Gardner

Hollywood Icon & Actress 

Ava Gardner's Legacy

Award Winning Actress


After signing with MGM at only 18 years old, Ava's soon success in The Killers led to other roles as Hemingway heroines, including The Snows of Kilimanjaro and The Sun Also Rises. While living in Hollywood, Ava also completed several other movies, which are still classics today: Show Boat, Lone Star, Mogambo, and The Night of the Iguana. The film most consider to be the "definitive Ava Gardner film" was The Barefoot Contessa. Among Ava’s many accomplishments, she was nominated for an Academy Award in 1953, as well as a BAFTA Award, Best Actress Award, and a Golden Globe in 1964

Fashion Icon


A fierce Hollywood actress whose high-profile relationships with the likes of Sintara, Howard Hughes, Artie Shaw, Mickie Roonie and even Hemingway were seriously overshadowed by her incredible acting skills and high class fashion. Glamorous, figure flattering gowns were the holy grail of Ava’s signature style, as were casual white t-shirts and pretty blue colors. Ava impacted fashion with her enchanting presence and sense of style, including her wardrobe choices and her distinctive flare for fashion


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